Texas Historical Commission unanimously approves State Antiquities permit application from Denton County

The Texas Historical Commission unanimously approves the state antiquities permit application submitted by the Denton County Commissioners Court following the Court’s emergency meeting on Thursday to draft a resolution as requested by the Commission.

The state antiquities permit application was submitted last week after Commissioners Court unanimously agreed to remove and relocate the Confederate Memorial on the Courthouse-on-the-Square lawn to a safer location. During a Wednesday meeting, the Texas Historical Commission asked Denton County to consider resubmitting the application with several provisions.

The Denton County Commissioners Court unanimously approved a resolution during the emergency meeting on Thursday to seek and obtain approval from the Texas Historical Commission Executive Commission for the relocation with the following provisions as requested by the Texas Historic Commission:

  1. Denton County will maintain ownership and custody of the memorial and will relocate it on county property within one year of removal.
  2. Texas Historic Commission protection will continue after the relocation.
  3. At the new location, Denton County will consult with the THC on the new interpretation and presentation of the memorial to include:
    1. A description of the history of slavery in America and its causal impact on the Civil War.
    1. Description of the African American experience as that experience related to the legacy of the Civil War at the time of the memorial’s initial construction in 1918.

 “We are pleased that the Texas Historical Commission unanimously agreed with Denton County on the necessity of our permit request. This is another step in an ongoing partnership with the THC. We welcomed their input and their requests were consistent with the plans the county already had in place and had publicly committed to. We welcome the THC’s continued oversight of the memorial,” said Denton County Judge Andy Eads. “In order to comply with the State Antiquities Code Application process, we believe it is important to follow their guidance in preserving history.”