Denton County approves agreement to install lights on Hickory Creek Road for public safety

Installation of new streetlights along Hickory Creek Road from Riverpass Drive to FM 1830 could begin soon after Denton County Commissioners on Tuesday approved an agreement with Oncor Electric Delivery Company, LLC.

Adding 16 streetlights along the stretch of road that runs beside Hickory Creek is the latest in a series of steps by the county to improve public safety.

For years, Precinct 1 Commissioner Hugh Coleman took a number of safety steps on the road including rebuilding the Hickory Creek embankment, moving Hickory Creek Road five feet further away from the creek and adding rumble strips and signs to slow traffic. In early 2019, crews installed a guardrail along the perimeter of the road to enhance safety measures.

The county received approval to install streetlights in House Bill 3714 during the 86th Texas legislative session. Counties did not have the authority to do so prior to the passage of HB 3714.

“We requested this bill after a tragic incident involving the loss of two young lives on the “S” curve of Hickory Creek Road – the most recent of several along this stretch of road,” said Precinct 1 Commissioner Hugh Coleman.

“We believe the addition of streetlights will improve visibility and assist our county residents in navigating the road at night and during inclement weather,” he said. “The safety of our residents is of paramount importance.”

The project is expected to be complete this year.