Commissioners oppose Air Quality Standard Permit request

Denton County Commissioners unanimously approved a resolution Tuesday in opposition of a permit request to authorize a permanent concrete crusher at 5120 E. University Drive.

The permit, submitted to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ), also requests a screener, two diesel engines and stockpiling areas at the location.

Old shingles and tires were previously dumped at the location, which is in close proximity to a major public drinking water source. The county has received ongoing complaints about illegal dumping on the site, including in March 2019 when state inspectors found approximately 36,500 cubic yards of asphalt shingles on the property.

“This location is not suitable for the proposed use because of its proximity to Lewisville Lake,” said Precinct 1 Commissioner Hugh Coleman. “In addition, concrete crushing is known to produce silica dust and particulate matter that can pose health risks for individuals exposed to it for extended periods of time.”

Coleman also expressed concerns about increased noise and traffic congestion that could negatively affect residents and the driving public along the busy U.S. 380 corridor.

“The Commissioners Court’s opposition to the permit demonstrates our collective concerns about the health and welfare of all Denton County residents,” said Denton County Judge Andy Eads. The resolution will be filed with TCEQ to show the county’s opposition to and request for denial of the air quality standard permit request.