Ribbon cutting commemorates reopening of Old Alton Road Bridge

Precinct 4 Commissioner Dianne Edmondson, joined by Precinct 1 Commissioner Hugh Coleman, Precinct 3 Commissioner Bobbie Mitchell and Denton County Judge Andy Eads, commemorate the opening of Old Alton Road Bridge with a ribbon cutting on Monday.

October 28, 2019 – Denton County Commissioner Precinct 4 Dianne Edmondson commemorated the reopening of the Old Alton Road Bridge, which initially washed out during heavy rains in September 2018.

Crews quickly began work on the project, which was finished by Oct. 5, 2019, just over a year later.

“For government, that’s a pretty speedy project turnaround,” Edmondson told a crowd of 20 at the ribbon cutting at the Old Alton Road Bridge on Monday.

The Denton area was deluged with rain from May 2019 through August 2019, receiving 17 inches of rainfall, which caused some delays though road crews persevered to finish the project as soon as possible.

“Public safety is No. 1 in our county, especially along a school bus route,” Edmondson said. The road was widened and the guardrail extended to improve safety for road users.

The $541,199.66 project in Precinct 4 increased flow capacity under the road by 200 percent, she said, adding the chances for water overtopping the road at least once a year dropped from 99.5 percent to less than 30 percent.

The project also included grouted rock riprap to help stabilize and reduce erosion from the channel for both the overhead railroad and the road itself. Riprap flume was installed to reduce maintenance needs.

Denton County Judge Andy Eads also addressed the crowd, congratulating the commissioner on the completion of her first road project.

“I wish you many more successful projects,” he said.

Joining the commissioner at the ribbon cutting were Precinct 1 Commissioner Hugh Coleman and Precinct 3 Commissioner Bobbie Mitchell as well as Double Oak Mayor Mike Donnelly.