County road and bridge updates

Rockhill Road/Arvin Hill Road Project – Revisions to 100 percent plans to accommodate changing offsite conditions and concerns. Utility relocation coordination ongoing. 

Arvin Hill Road Project US 377 to Red Mesa – Bid awarded December 18, 2018. Utility relocation has begun. 

U.S. 377/Stewart/Arvin Hill Intersection Improvements – TxDOT is reviewing 60 percent plans for the intersection improvements. The county is revisiting signalization with TxDOT. TxDOT has approved an access permit for the realignment of Arvin Hill.

Sam Bass Road Project – FM 455 North of Nance Road – Design plans at 95 percent.  TXDOT has acquired ROW.  

Pecan Valley Road Culvert Replacement – Additional survey and engineering ongoing. 

Hackberry Creek Park Road Project – Preliminary design plans have been submitted to County. 

Lois Road West Culvert Replacement – Survey and Engineering study ongoing.   

Mayhill Road – Several utility poles remain on the south end of the project and will be removed following the recent traffic switch. The second phase of construction is underway.

Lake Sharon Extension  – Contractor continues to finish remaining utility work. They have laid all major storm drain boxes. Headwalls and backfill are to continue